This documentation explains shortly how to use the generated files to build a REST API. Therefor you only need to follow two simple steps:

  • Install Fusio
  • Deploy the generated files


Download the latest release of Fusio from Github. Fusio is written in PHP and requires at least version 7.3 and a database.


Place the scripts in the www/ directory of your web server.

Point your browser to public/install.php. The script will help setup Fusio and configure it to work on your server. For security reasons please remove the public/install.php script.

Now you are able to login to the backend at /apps/fusio with the configured admin account. Please take a look at the documentation for more information about Fusio.


Extract the zip file which you have obtained through the generator. The folder contains a src/ and resources/ folder. Copy those folders to your Fusio installation. After this you only need to run the following deploy command:

php bin/fusio deploy

At the end the command should return the message Deploy successful!. Congratulations, you have now successfully build your API. To get an overview of your API you can login to the backend at /apps/fusio.